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Captain! They're decloaking!

No, this isn't going to be some dorky Star Trek post (ever since the movie with the whale, I just can't be a trekkie)

I want a delurking post. I have a feeling I have a few regulars that I don't know about, and I'm sick of hoping for a good blog to appear on various traffic generators. So say HEY!, tell me about you and leave me your address. I need to know if I gots peeps!

The one with the whale was the best one - purely for the comedy value - "Vhere is the nuclear wessel?" Genius.

I loved Star Trek IV (whales). Delurking as if I ever lurked anywhere.

I caught the tail end of the Whales movie on CityTV today. I still love the Hollywood Ending!

i never "lurk"!

I love the name of your blog. It is one of the first I visited on BE and it just cracked me up. I kept repeating it to myself all day long.

Thanks for the link. I will gladly link to you when I figure out how exactly to do that. I not only have the dumbest luck on the planet, but I'm not all that bright, either.

Ummm... and, there was a whale on Star Trek? Am I such a geek that I don't even know that?

I'm not a lurker but I want to be one of your peeps.

I have Chekov's autograph.

ok, I really didn't think there would be such a common bond over the whales......that's...more than a little scary I must say..

There's a sweetness to the "whales" that caught me.

I'm torn between that and Wrath of Khan - mainly because of Ricardo Montalban. Who would have thought what a great villain he'd make.

Adding you to blogroll. Finally figured out how and now I'm on a mission (obsessively).

I actually remember the one with the whale, vaguely. I found it amusing.... But I also find the word LURK to be amusing. So go figure. ;-)

On a side note, how can you label me "evil work compatriot" and yet think I'm a "tree-hugging dirt-eating druid"? Druids are not evil, you know. :-p

What...NOT A TREKKIE??? But it's all about TNG!

I'm delurking. I mean, decloaking.

But that's just cuz I've been AWOL for awhile. Took a little (much needed) blogging break which I'm sure went totally unnoticed. ;)

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