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Huffin and a puffin in the backseat....

One of the more.....interesting things with this bipolar/I'm crazy/whatever the hell it is cycling is the increased sex drive during manic periods, now that I'm off the pill.

My lord, I could conquer Tokyo I swear.

Normally, I'm not very driven. Ok, not at all, aside from a few choice days, or under the influence of much rum. But suddenly, I've been tiring the Dorf out. Imagine, tiring out a man. But add in a dose of rapid cycling bipolar (or whatever-I'm labelling it that until I find out otherwise) and I swear, I'm turning into a Nympho. Not that he seems to mind.

But it's caught me off guard, and I feel like a teenager, or at least, the way I should have felt as a teenager. I think about sex all the freaking time now. Sitting tabulating data, creating graphs, eating soup. It's like a toothache I can't remedy.

Of course it doesn't sound annoying, but it kinda is. It's like when you're craving something, and you don't know exactly what it is, so you eat a little bit of everthing, and you STILL want more. I can't satisfy it, and I'm not used to it.

Again though, the Dorf isn't complaining one bit. And we're nicer to eachother this way, so really, what was I complaining about again?

(and yes, if this is bipolar, I am currently rapid cycling. On the pill, I'd cycle through in a day or so, or faster. Now, I seem to be cycling mainly on manic periods with short depressed ones. I wish it would settle on one pattern)

I also wish I knew why it suddenly became so prevalent.

My wife has bipolar disorder but instead of leaning toward one manifestation of symptom at a time, I bear the impact of combinations. For instance the old rage mixed with insatiable sexual appetite routine, or the paranoia mixed with extreme jealousy routine.

I don't know if that makes sense, but I understand where you and your husband are coming from. My wife's sick of explaining herself to me.

Woohoo! Go nymphos! lol

idk but in my experience, when my sex drive goes like that, it means i'm pregnant...knock on wood I guess.

NOT pregnant. Most definitely NOT pregnant. And I get cranky, not happy and horny.

Yawn You actually made me feel better knowing I'm not the only one suffering. :)

Hey I'm cranky, horny and pregnant.

Have you gotten an official diagnosis yet? Not to be a PITA, but knowing what I know of BPS you do need to be assessed if you think you may have this. It can be deadly serious.

Also, you mention the pill. Red flag there.

My appt is June 28 for my assessment. I cannot wait to know for sure. It's actually felt like I've been running away from the BPS diagnosis for a long time. I don't want to be crazy, and a diagnosis makes it real. I ALSO don't want to go on meds and gain tons of weight.

I'm confident I am bipolar. But it feels like the more I accept it, the worse it gets.

I've got two words for you on this one: I WISH!!!

At least on that first bit. Dropping the pill did nothing for me in that department. :(

Mild forms of depression can masqurade as bi-polarism.

Being bi-polar isn't being crazy, hate to break it to ya ;) its a form of depression, that is all.

Crazy people don't think they're crazy. :)

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