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Pick one

Asshat or fuctard.

Discuss amoungst yourselves.

Fuctard. I just like it that's all.

I used to favor dickhead but that's probably hopelessly out of date.

fuctard. DEFINITELY fuctard.

Expecially if you wrote this while you were at work. lol

It's got to be fuctard.

Floating in from the BlogMad wave,

Ms Sisyphus uses "fuctard." I recommend "fucktard" as a spelling but asshat, assclown and fuckwit are all possibilities.

Damn, that was me. My husband must've been logged in

Asshat, definitely. It just rolls of the tongue... :)

I like Sisypus' spelling better, but I've been using Asshat alot this week. It's been Asshat week (I'm thinking of YOU, my IT department...)

Fuckwit gets a lot of usage as well.

I liked what they did in Bridget Jones's Diary where they made a new word for the stuff fuckwits so so it became fuckwittage.

I personally like Fucknut, but asshat is also one of my top 5.


Asshat makes me think of fark.com too much and the cest pool its become.

But I use neither. I prefer insults with meaning like douchebag and schmuck.. oh I'll have to rememebr to post in detail about those.

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