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For my husband, never given, on fathers day

I can see your face behind my eyes.

Reflected they hold the years, the
moments we almost lost each other.

Yet they hold a simpler promise than
any other given. A quiet, misty
strength shines constant.

have I loved as strong as this? Have I
deserved for long these moments, savoured
laughter that stretches for miles and miles and
a love that holds firm all of us, steady on your feet?

I can see our future behind my eyes.

Bound heavy together, tied to eachother but not
tied down. Floating on this piece of happy we
never thought we could have. Our daughters
cry lovely for your arms. They dance forever only for you.

That's really nice man!!!!

I only wish I could pen poetry that touching. That's so nice, Dor! :)

Funny, when I wrote it, I thought it was crap and left it in draft because I was going to work on it more, and stick it in the little frame I bought the Dorf. Instead, I forgot about it, then found it while looking for something else. I emailed it to him. He liked it. :)

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