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I am an avowed hater for "reality" TV. I can proudly say I've never sat and become engrossed in Survivor, never cared much for Fear Factor beyond the belief that anyone eating cockroaches for less than 100,000 dollars is an idiot, and never even wanted to bother with Big Brother or The Surreal Life. It all seemed rather, well, tacky, like one of those friends your mother had who wore too much blue eyeshadow, and tended to 'forget" her bra. Shiny like costume jewellry, I knew my teeth would rot.

So why I'm now getting sucked into 'Rockstar: Supernova" is beyond me. Is it the fascination with the bald spot growing on Newstead's head? Is it because Tommy Lee is beginning to look like a pruny grandfather? Is it the shock value of someone thinking that singing Nicklecrap or Creed will get you in a band? Or the utter disbelief that someone can screw up crap songs? Or is it the sheer joy of watching Gilby try to find a nice way to tell the Puerto Rican girl that she REALLY can't sing?

The Dorf started watching this because he loves Voivod, loved Metallica, and Jason joined Voivod after telling Metallica to screw off. And because Jason seemed like the only normal one in Metallica (and I must confess to a slight crush since he cut all his hair off.) But we got sucked in.

There is something hypnotizing about bad performers.

I sat there yelling at the TV last night because they did not vote off the pretty Puerto Rican girl-don't get me wrong, she can perform, she's kinda hot, but she doesn't even seem to know anything the bands have done, and admits this proudly. Add in the fact that she cannot even sing, and you'll understand why I was annoyed. It like the "show you my boobs" defense.

See! I'm totally sucked into this pap. It's like a cross section of all the annoying wannabe singers I've known in my life, up on a screen, screeching a crap Coldplay song in a crappy way, or pretending to be "deep" and "interesting", when you can tell they're as interesting as water. The one guy is like every rich goth kid you've ever known and wanted to stomp. The Dorf mentioned "he was living on the streets". I asked him if he really believed that, in light of the fact that LAST years winner also was canadian and lived ont he streets.

SEE! TOTALLY sucked in.


I can't believe you like that crap........ That's worse than American IDOL for pete's sake !! lol

I know...BELIEVE ME...

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