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Am I talking to myself here?

In the on going "I'm gonna show you exactly who is really boss here" contest, Vivian seems to be winning. I just don't know if I have the strength.

Today, before noon, we had
  • two instances of "oh no you didn't just close the patio door despite my yells not to?
  • one instance of pouring sand on kitchen floor to "not" make a mess. (how the hell does that work?)
  • 3 instances of "she pulled my hair first"
  • 2 staring at you, gonna pee in my big girls princess panties anyway
  • 1 just not gonna listen, walking away to go grab something sharp and pointy.

The Dorf told her he was going to sell her this morning. I think she believed him.

I don't necessarily believe in the terrible twos, but man, oh man, I'm believing in the theatrical threes. This child is locating every single nerve, and doing a foxtrot on it. And staring me down at the same time, as if daring me to do something.

And why yes, backhanding her is the item that immediately comes to mind. I don't however, because sometimes we're treated to items such as

Me: Can you not do that?

Vivian? Why? Because No?

Me. Yes. because NO. N-O means nu-uh.

It's cute and all, but she usually goes ahead and does whatever it is we don't want her to do anyway. Because she's my child.

Yeah, I guess you really are talking to yourself in this case. But we'll listen. ;)

Something for me to look forward to? lol

Just be grateful only one of them is acting this way. For now.

As for me,I married one who does that. lol (kidding)

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