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That? That's the sound of NO ONE AT HOME!

Oh bliss. Oh joyous, loving bliss.

I will have the house all to myself tonight and tomorrow. Since we moved in almost 2 years ago, I have NEVER been alone in the house. I'm as excited as a virgin on prom night I swear. Whatever shall I do with myself?

Actually, I know exactly what I'll do with myself. I'll be stripping paint and listening to Tori Amos and Legendary Pink Dots REALLY REALLY loudly. Needs to be done though.

We even went out to dinner last night. ALONE. BLISS!

So nothing deep from me today. I'm too busy marvelling at being alone.

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Ah, the joy of having all the oxygen to yourself. There's really nothing quite like it, even when all you're doing is scut work!

What the hell was that post up there about? So confused. Damn spammers.

Very happy for you on obtaining some alone time.

What paint color is involved?

Very unusual comment at top.

Enjoy your evening.

Something about debt relief apparently.

And Missy, I love your usage of a singular. There are between 4 and 6 colors on the wood. It just took 30 minutes to do one side of the door jamb. And that already had some peeled off, since there is so much paint, the humidity makes it easy to remove manually.

Paint smells. For some reason, there is the ugliest green underneath it all. Eck.

What's the excitement about being a virgin on prom night? ;)

Glad you're enjoying yourself, Dor.

You shall be bored.

WHOO HOOO! That's great, girl. You deserve some 'you' time.
*turns just a wee bit green with envy*

Hope your time alone was fabu!

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