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House to myself

Everyone is at the park, and I have the ENTIRE house to myself for at least another hour. So what do I do? Why, start doing laundry, and try to catch up on the work I've missed in a week. (I believe my boss is secretly trying to kill me)

I don't mind. I just dropped 50.00 at the London-Wul Farm on the most squealingly gorgeous pink slubby wool, and some silk/wool yarn to edge Rita's blanket with. I wish they were in town. Although I'm sorta glad, since I tend to fall prey to Noro, and I cannot afford the 75.00 hank of kid mohair that was so pretty and dyed so nice. (She has a blog too-HERE-buy some yarn-the stuff FREAKING ROCKS.) The dog is even cuter in real life, and they are super cool people.

I could spend lots and lots of money in that store I could.

So I'll sit here thinking about the awesome blanket I will make Vivian with that wool. I cannot believe the color. I'll post a picture later maybe...

Dude, yarn crafts are a beautiful thing. I think I'm gonna get back into knitting pretty soon. I think!

Keep on relaxing for the rest of us as much as possible. :0

You'd totally want to knit if you had this yarn.

Back at work now, but thankfully away from the in laws.

*Frowns* Methinks you are spending WAY too much money on this blanket, woman....

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