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First the zoo....then a car ride, leading to more car ride, then McDicks, then home to dig dig dig my garden out. Smelly dirty smelly...BUT there are new things in the ground.

Sadly, that fucking goddamm plant I hate is still there, but what can you do. I'll work around it until I can find some C4 to blow it out....

The zoo was cool in it's own way, once I ignored how depressing I find the zoo to be. Watching wild cats pace in a cage is not my idea of a good time. But, the kids found it fun, and we all got out. That's what counts, right?

Otherwise, going nuts...


What plant are you trying to kill? I'm an expert at planticide.


Planticide...QUALITY HUMOR.

I think it's a fucking hydrangea or something-its' ugly, and cutting it back only seems to make it grow worse (like blue balls on a man). I'll take a picture of what's left tomorrow and post it. I cannot believe how tough the little bastard is.

Dude, McDicks, McDonalds? Don't you have any good made up names for places down there? I figured you would have known that one...

Could you just douse the damned thing in vinegar? I know they can be acid loving plants bust most tend to only tolerate a fairly narrow range of pH.

You can use vinegar, straight up from the kitchen (usually 5% acidity) or can try to find the kick ass stuff called Burnout (23% acidity...kills EVERYTHING).

Loved the "McDicks" and "Planticide". You folks are funny.

I could come take a look. It would be dead by tomorrow.

Ah, yes, the zoo. I feel much the same about the zoo. It's nice to get out and be depressed about something other than my dirty floors or the never ending laundry.

Do you think you might mean Holly Hocks? Those bastards are hard to kill, in my last house I spent 6 freaking years trying to kill the damn thing. Finally I had to dig down the root ball, chop most of it out and I poured straight up round up into it.

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