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Dr. Asshat Smoker

Let me just say that hey, I used to smoke. 12 years of blissful nicotine addiction. I LOVED to smoke. Hell, I was tempted today to get me some, but no, I resisted.

I just wanted to say, Mr. Asshat, that I thought it was especially polite of you to stand in the bus shelter for 15 minutes smoking as I stood in the rain. I was incredibly impressed with the way in which you could be bothered to leave the shelter to throw out your coffee cup, but not bother to smoke your goddammed sin stick in the rain like a normal, rational, polite person would. Like I used to do as a smoker. I would have never stood there like the skid that you obviously are, letting someone stand in the miserable mist. I would have moved my ass outside because you aren't SUPPOSED to smoke in the goddamed shelter. Even when I smoked, that was gross.

Yeah, I could have said something, and gotten into a huge fight about it. I could have stood in the shelter anyway. But you know what? I've spent the last almost 2 years NOT smoking, and I've gained 50 pounds and my lungs still hurt so I'll be dammed if I'm going to stand there and inhale the very thing I stopped because it was bad for me.

You Mr. Asshat, are a twat. Plain and simple. And when bad things happen to you, and you don't quite know why, remember today. Remember me standing in the mist and the mud pointedly ignoring you. Remember that what goes around comes around.


See?? And you're an ex-smoker saying this. So it's not just that us non-smokers are pampered or spoiled -- it sucks all around!

Sure it sucks. I've never done that in my life and I still don't.

One of the many good things about blogging is that it keeps me away from the cigs. (I don't smoke in the house of course).

Eventually I'll quit (for the third and hopefully final time).

I don't smoke anymore. But, personally, I miss it so much that I intentionally breathe in the smoke of others.

If my kids would have been with me, though, I would have kneed Mr. Asshat so hard he'd then be called Blueballs Shriveldick.

Hey, don't get me wrong-I occasionally lean into second hand smoke and all...but I NEVER do this.

And if the girls had been with me, I WOULD have been a little vocal. Ok, a LOT.

Heh. I smoked for a damn long time too, I STILL crave them when the weather is nice and I have a beer in one hand, sitting on the steps...just need a smoke in the other.

There is NOTHING worse than an ex-smoker. Seriously, I'm so damn vocal now its scary. Next time, tell him to get the hell out and smoke it outside like a nice little gentleman.

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