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My head hurts

It always seems to hurt anymore. Of course, the screaming matches at home with the kids (all in good fun, I promise) don't seem to help any.

Yesterday's having to listen to 'Superhero Songs" over and over and over again didn't help either.

The superheros on the bus are off to work, off to work, off to work.


You have a very justified reason for your frequent headaches (even though it would probably still be a good idea to get them checked out if you haven't already).

I've been noticing an increase in headaches myself lately. But I'm thinking that has more to do with caffeine deprivation than anything else. ;)

I got my eyes checked, but she said the change wasn't enough to cause a headache. I think it's eye strain from a combination laptop/low light.

It sucks whatever it is. AND the inlaws are here soon...shudder..

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