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I'm offended that you're offended at my not taking offense.

Of all the things the internet has spawned, discussion boards must be my one pet peeve. Where else can you get in arguments over whether or not to be offended by something a person who you don't know has said?

It's driving me insane. It's this whole "entitlement" aura that seems to surround people nowadays. I don't like it, so they shouldn't say it. It makes ME feel bad, so you should have a huge bloody disclaimer on what you said. Not EVERYONE (read: ME) had that experience, so you shouldn't try and pass yours off as the end and be all.


I can't stand people like this in real life, and online it's like this big giant scab that I cannot scratch. If I read someone's comments about, let's say, their last trip to Cosco, and how it sucked balls, I'm not going to argue with them that I did not have that experience, and in fact I had a lovely one, and would you please make sure to be inclusive of all points of view.

Screw that. The entire point to having freedom of speech is to be able to say what YOU are feeling, not every single variation on a theme. I had a really shite time after both children. I had PPD VERY bad. I feel terrible and guilty about that some days. But do I get upset when someone women talk about the first few weeks after, and how they totally LOVED their child? No, I don't. I envy it, I wish I could have had that for me, but I don't get all pissy about it. I'm happy to share their experience, because I know that many people also have had mine. I don't need this validated in everything I read.

More and more, it seems like everyone wants their opinion, their experience valued and noted. Everyone wants to be special, everyone needs to be pointed at and petted and patted. And it drives me insane. Because newsflash...

not everyone is special. Sorry, but most of the times, my opinions are drops in a bucket, and are meaningless. I can rattle on about what I believe that Madonna is offensive to parenting, but I won't. Why? Because my opinion doesn't really matter, and I have better things to do with my time, like chuckle about Iran fucking with Dubya's head. (please note, I don't actually feel that way about Madonna)

I realize that some people truly have nothing better to do, and that some people think that simple words on a website are going to formulate the thoughts of millions. Guess what. Ain't gonna happen. How you raise your children, how you behave with your friends, how you make decisions at work, these are the things that will guide the future.

I'm all for discussion, even argument. But anymore, you can't seem to have a reasoned argument with running into someone who's "offended" that so and so doesn't seem to have the same high regard for Tampex that you do. And it's frustrating, and it inhibits REAL discussion about REAL issues.

AND it drives me completely batshit.

Rant Over. It's a lovely day, and I should go mow something.


Is it a beautiful day in fabulous Moncton???

Wow, bet you feel better for getting that off your chest! :)

LMAO! I'm VERY tempted to ask what brought on that rant. This is why I like blogs. Don't like it? Don't read it. I used to be very involved in an online community, geeze you wouldn't beleive the topics that would stir up drama.

I could have written this... and then some. I've been with an online community for years and years and despite how well we all know one another, once or twice a year, there is a big blow up.

I blogged about it couple days ago, in fact. My solution is to surf internet porn.

I now only post to a message board with the intention of causing trouble. no matter what I get lambasted, even when I compliment somebody!

There's a particular poster on Blogging Baby which makes me want to stop visiting the site. She just seems to say things for the sole purpose of being a moron. It's annoying.

Can't surf porn at work, and the Dorf hogs the computer at home. Shame really. :P

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