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He got me.

I'll admit it. The Dorf got a good one in today.

He makes me CD's for work from time to time, with artists I like, and some I'm just getting to know. The newest one included Converge, Six Organs of Admittance (which I haven't listened to yet, but love the name), Explosions in the Sky, Sonic Youth, Sarah Harmer, Tori Amos, Wolfmother and You Will Hate Me.

The Dorf said that You Will Hate Me was this Emoish band his friend had told him about. Running on about 4 hours sleep last night, I wasn't really paying any attention, so I was just like, whatever. Sometimes he takes 4 days to get to the point, and my attention span was on par with a gnat last night so I must admit, between Land of the Dead and my pizza, I wasn't really paying any attention.

So I get to work, and I put the CD on, get through the Tori, since they're albums I hadn't heard in awhile, and through the Wolfmother (tacky, but neat). I walk away from my desk to buy, of all things, his father's day present.

I come back, and what's playing is NOT Wolfmother, and I don't have it set to restart when done. Whatever it is, it's horrible.


He's labelled it "You Will Hate Me-For This". I didn't even catch on, which really, considering some band names, you really can't hold against me.

But too stoop so low as to add MANOWAR!

AND it was the Kings of Metal song. It was bad.

So now the Dorf is overly pleased with himself, and I've got to find a way to get him back.

I'm seriously considering returning his present.

I have one word for you if you'd like to return the favor:


Eden left me speechless and that's hard do do. As you should know.

oh, he'll pay. His mother is here next week.

He WANTS to hear the Shatner album. Can't even use the Anka one against him...

he doees it cuz he loves ya

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