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It stopped raining-so let's fix the house!

that's right...it finally stopped raining, we're on vacation, and the Dorf's parents are here, so it's a nice day and what do we do?

We run off to Kent and buy a new toilet.

Thankfully, I'm not helping. I'll be tearing apart some flowerbeds later, if the blood loss allows (it's "let's fall down week!").

So if I'm quiet this week, it's cause I'm on "vacation". A loose interpretation of the term at least.

Enjoy the vaca (and the renos!)

Come visit if you want! :-)

Enjoy your time away from "that" place.

Hey, we did some toilet maintenance too! Had to replace the old wax ring underneath it to curb the leak that's been there for years probably. At this point it's just slapping a band-aid on the wound until I have the money to re-do the whole bathroom.

Enjoy your vacation. :)

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