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I want a cute pincushion too.

I was over at Pink Rocket, in awe of the usual kick ass thrifted finds are her incredible skills with "lady crafts" as I like to call them (tongue firmly in cheek) and I started thinking. I want to know how to sew.

Which is funny. Consider the fact that my mother used to sew a lot of my clothes as I child, and I freaking HATED it. I am not, and never have been "girly". Nothing is more amusing that a child the size I was in a white, short polka dot dress. And getting pinned while she fitted the patterns was never a joyous experience either.

So why is it that now, 17 years later, I so so so want to know how to do all these "womanly arts"? I never had this desire before. I can knit and crochet, which I'm getting slowly better at (attention span is the main issue, really) But dammit, Pink Rocket is COOL when she does it.

And for some reason, I want to be cool like that. I want to make cute little aprons, and sweet pinafores for my girls. I want to know how to make my own handbags. I want to make my own curtains.

Is my mother sitting somewhere laughing at her daughter, who was too busy playing Transformers in the backyard to bother learning how to run the sewing machine? I can't be the only woman who craves this knowledge, knowledge that our grandmothers just learned, period. It makes me sad that we have to regain these talents after losing them to feminism for awhile. Although I do believe that the women who were really devoted to the cause never lost them.

Any tips for learning to sew? (I'm also going to start jogging soon. It's learn new stuff month I guess!)

I think I'm finally at that point where the brain is working again.

And go visit Pink Rocket. She fucking rules.

my mom taught me to sew when I was little- I think it's great for halloween costumes & occasional curtains. and now, I tend to use my sewing machine more for scrapbook stuff. I have no tips, except to take a class. I like your blog...

my mom taught me to sew when I was little- I think it's great for halloween costumes & occasional curtains. and now, I tend to use my sewing machine more for scrapbook stuff. I have no tips, except to take a class. I like your blog...

Can't help you with the womanly arts (though I know how to sew and crochet and sort of know how to knit) as I don't think it's something you can teach unless you are physically there with someone.

However, I was a runner for many, many years. I find the best runners do it for the "spiritual" experience, not for the exercise. I only ran to feel better about myself. The only advice I can really give is to start off slow. Don't want to damage anything important now, do we? Also, get a great sports bra. Pregnancy (and nursing) does a real number on the breasts...ugh, that's the main reason I haven't run in two years. :(

I can make curtains and things like that (although I don't, I don't have a machine).

My mom made all my clothes too. Beautiful things. You could turn one of her garments inside out and wear it. No raw edges anywhere.

I lack the patience to do it well even though I know the basics.

Patience is an issue with me as well. I might try and pick it up though-I do remember some pointers that I picked up by osmosis.

And Missy-I think that's why I want to run. I remember that incredible feeling of freedom when I was a child, and running through parks. I want that back. Thanks for the "start slow" advice. A friend in Nashville recommened the same thing. He also just laughed when I asked when my lungs would stop hurting. :P

And yes, a sports bra is in the midst of being purchased. I don't wnat to get wacked in the head. :P

And thanks Karen!

Am I the only one that thinks "Pink Rocket" so describes something else not even close to sewing and knitting?



Thanks for going there Tom... My husband thought it was something illicit when he say the link on the computer.


I can't sew and not because I'm a feminist. I also can't check my oil or balance a checkbook. But! I can make people. Little people. And nourish them with magic milk. That's a talent, right?

Oh, and let me suggest Enell bras. I love mine with a love reserved only for something that can bind down my cartoonish mammaries and protect those around me from getting hit while I run.

I can't believe it. After all these years us men adjusting to feminist demands, now women complain that we don't open the door for them or, y'know, buy them drinks and stuff, despite it being entirely their own doing. And now you want to sew! [sigh] You're just being downright awkward, aren't you?

I suck at sewing. The husband will sew when he needs it, I just turf stuff. I can cook up a storm and make everyone within a 10 mile radius salivate. When I'm not pregnant and the thought of food annoys me.

It was just never for me. Runnin, now I want to get back into that. There is NOTHING better than running, feeling the road under your feet and the wind in your face, feelin strong! *sigh*

Ha ha ha!! "Whacked in the head" gives me way too much material to work with in my head. Yikes!

Good luck.

Thanks for the bra suggestion-I assume they make them in "double freaking huge?"

Yes Owl. I damn well want it ALL!! Awkward is my middle name.

Jennifer, you're nailing on the head just what I want.

Nothing wrong with a little wacking...

wow! that's awesome! and yes...i now realize what pink rocket also means (i was unaware until recently)...maybe I can knit or sew cozies for them! lmao!

hey! transformers rock! i was big into those and heman too!

i've always been "crafty"...it started with me drawing, then i picked up some other crafts. i took home ec in middle school and was instantly hooked to the sewing machine. it takes time. start out slow by making pillows, then work your way up! you know where to find me, on my phalic site (!), if you need any help!

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