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I shall not covet those little baby shoes

I'm torn.

I go into the baby store next to work, and stare at all the baby stuff. It's cute, it's adorable, it's....it's out of my price range right now, for the most part. But it all sits there, like sirens, waving me in, begging me just to look, just come see how soft these pants are...

I realized something about me though. As much as I don't care how I'm dressed (because frankly, my body and clothes do not work. I have no waist to speak of, and a fat ass and low-rise pants do NOT work) I DO care what my kids look like. I want them to have all the neat little 40.00 Robeez boots. I want them to be dressed in nice (read: NOT made in china) clothes. I want them to look cool and interesting, not boring like all the other kids.

I visit sites like Babywit-and I LOVE their stuff. But add in shipping, and the stuff is totally out of my price range. And even then, I have to convince the Dorf to buy it since I don't have a credit card. So I sit staring at these items, wanting them.

It doesn't help that the one company we tried to buy something cool off ended up taking our money and never sending anything, and never ever getting back to us (Yes DOOKIEWEAR, I'm talking about you). So the Dorf is VERY hesitant on doing it again.

I hate the fact that I feel like I need to dress my kids a certain way in order for them to be "cool"-whatever that is for toddlers. But I feel like my kids are an extension of me, and so if I don't dress them in a certain way, people are going to think of me in a certain way.

Am I making sense? Am I the only one that feels almost pressured? I don't want my kids to grow up thinking that "stuff" defines them, so I constantly fight the feeling back.

But damn, those shoes were cool....

Oh, No! Not Dookiewear! Although, for some reason, I thought they'd gone out of business. Anyway, they did have cute tees.

I have one word for you: Ebay! Buy stuff used and it'll fall right into your price range. Kids outgrow clothes so fast, it doesn't matter if you get them new or not. Ebay rocks.

I can't keep up and I don't try. If they leave the house clean and with their clothes right side out, I'm happy.

For summer stuff, I'm guilty of the cheaper the better.

I do try for cute, and try to keep them away from the hootchie stuff they're becoming fond of.

Thrift stores are good, hand me downs are better yet.

And I will check out EBay. I forget about the computer. Now it's just a question of figuring out sizes but with 3 girls, they'll fit somebody.

Looks like a few others are pissed at Dookiewear.


Have you seen Souris Mini? One just opened here. it's freaking amazing!!!

MANY people are mad at Dookiewear. This was a few years back anyway.

Nah, all moms get hooked into it. I had a Gymboree (AKA the Cult) spell when she was about a year. Oy. That was expensive.

What I discovered was that a few of the select used clothing stores have brand names. Gap, Oshkosh etc.

i too have been caught in that trap although I will say, as they get older, you do tend to care less, now with my baby son, I am starting to do it again, but I spoiled my daughter rotten and she didn't care whatsoever. I don't buy used, but I do shop for sale items only!

Dookiewear screw you? Interesting. I have stuff from Babywit that's nice. You could try them.

I go through the "OMG That's cute... (looking at price tag) WHOA but not THAT cute" moments at the store too.

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