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Proving my point, without saying a word.

This email that I recieved proves to me yet again why I think that the US is on the way out. I made some pithy comment about Dubya being the devil or some such nonsense on a message board, and this is the highly literate and adult response I get via email. There's something about a coward that I love.

What is it that makes some Americans so bloody nervous and insecure around Canadians? These people turn into whining, snivelling toddlers. (Actually, that's insulting to my todder). I don't hate all Americans-I just hate the ones who can't spell or formulate a coherent, relevant argument. And I LOVE the ones who believe "perverts" are jerking off to my kids photos. But my favorite is the COWARDLY snivelling about how if I reply, it won't be read. THIS is why Canadians look down our noses. Because some of you are blithering idiots.

ALL spelling and grammar is as sent. And here's the email address it's from: marinemomfaith@aol.com

Lovely behaviour from a "marine Mom" Feel free to spam her/him/it with some scat or at least some free samples of your favorite psychotropic drugs.

Hey a-hole..was that comment about George supposed to be about my President....i was going to really go off on you but then i saw your a friggin worthless, cowardly canadian....yup, put some flowers in your hair and bury your a hole head in the sand...worthless, your as bad as the french, then again...they make up a great part of your country dont they....? YOU WOULD BE IGNORANT ENOUGH TO PLASTER YOUR KIDS FACE ALL OVER THE INTERNET AND TELL EVERYONE HER NAME..AND AGE...SO THAT SOME PERVERT WILL GET A HOLD OF IT..THAT DID IT FOR ME...I MEAN SHE IS NO BEAUTY QUEEN, BUT I WOULD STILL FEEL BADLY IF I DIDNT TELL YOU THAT THERE ARE SICK PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT EXPLOIT THAT KIND OF A THING...YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF FOR POSTING HER PHOTO UP THERE
I CAN'T STAND THE LOT OF YOU.. you make me sick all of you canadians with the way you look down your noses at us...meanwhile...you hate of for our "war mongering and intolerance" but yet each and everyone one of you are poster boys and girls for intolerance...when i went to montreal to watch a friend play hockey and you all booed our national anthem...you made me sick, i used to deal with antiques online after that i refused to ship...or sell to any suck up canadian...
your a bunch of filthy swine...no respect for anyone or anything else...your a weak, flower child country, all that land and natural resources and your just a third rate country..you go around spewing your crap about me president, grow up
take your unattractive photo of your kid offline before some jerk gets it and keep your comments to yourself...about my President and my son's commander in chief
by the way, if you reply it will be deleted before it's read....becuase of a- holes like you, my friends and i have designed a system...in the subject line is a code..and if that code is not in it...we dont read it, we just delete it...so if you go and make up screen names to send me mail...it wont get read lol
your a freak and from the looks of your offspring your husband is a freak too....
and by the way i dont hate kids , i love them, i am the mother of 8, i just dont like ignorant people that go around trashing my president and producing ugly kids....

I'd also like to add that it looks like this person, IP 64.12.116 was SO offended that they needed to visit me at LEAST 50 times. Apparently, it takes an entire afternoon to act like a baby, and hide behind what's likely a fake email address. I really hope it didn't take all day to write that email. Cause if it did, it's obvious that illiteracy was the reason this fuckwit has 8 kids.

UPDATE: IT LIVES! Apparently the "code" isn't so foolproof. Here's what I received back:

i deleted your email and i also reported it to my spam folder and i also blocked you and if you use another screenname without the code it will be eliminated...

PMM OF PFC JUSTIN R. C.3rd BN 2nd Marines, (Soon to be deployed)

Camp Lejuene, NC

So....the special "code" will work this time? Is there some AOL secret I don't know about, or do I need to write like a 4 year old for it to go through.

I wonder if she realizes that her son is likely to get killed by an IED fighting a war that's not worth fighting? I wonder how many of her kids, or someone else's kids need to die before they realize it's not worth it.

Email the wench. If nothing else, she needs some english lessons.

"all that land and natural resources and your just a third rate country.."

LMAO! I am certain she and her 8 (omg!)children are happy to take advantage of our cheap nat. resources! Gotta luv the message boards.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

OMG. Please don't think she or George Bush represent the majority of us.

Or I hope they don't. I could think of several uglier things to say but you get the idea.


Ann from California
United States of America

(let's see what she makes of that)

That was me. It posted twice.

Wow. I wonder how long it took her to come up with that piece of pithy brillance. And if she understands the idiocy of sending unsolicited hatemail to others, while crying "don't be mean to me!" in response. Unreal. And yet, very very American. Or at least, very, very the way Americans are perceived to be.

Because unfortunately Ann, that is the way you tend to come off in the global sphere. Individually, I like many, many Americans just fine. But as a cultural consciousness? You're fucking scary.

There are so many places to go with this, and yet most turn into me wanting to say 'Oh yeah? BRING IT BEYOTCH!"

But I won't. Because I'm a dirt eating, tree hugging druid. (NOT)

I have many friends who are American and normal. My company is american. My boss is American, and damn cool I might add (but she's a new yorker, I don't think they count). But what Sisypus said is exactly my point. This type of thing is why the world, and yes the WORLD hates American. Because this is the tripe that is shown, over and over again, this vitrol.

Ever wonder why when people travel, they PRETEND to be CANADIAN??? THIS is exactly why. And I'm damn proud to live in a peace loving country, instead of one that seems hellbent of destroying itself through war, or by becoming a theocracy.

I could transfer to the states if I wanted, but stuff like this is exactly why I never would. I mean really, to attack someone's children? How small minded and bigoted and just plain not smart can you be? It's a wonder that people like this can walk and breathe at the same time.

Ah, I'm just getting all worked up about it again...sigh...

Sometimes Eugenics sounds so right...

I think it's safe to say with her ignorant attempt to get a rise out of you by insulting your children you've piqued her interest in you more than vice versa.

As the saying goes, the best revenge is sucess...I think she's a little bit jealous of our free-loving country.


What a flipping moron..
as they also say (and I'm sure there's a reason "they" do) poverty+religiousness+hopelessness=many children.

IOW....those who can afford it the leeast (and I don't just mean with $$$ as there is much more you can lose) oft times are the ones who have the most children. *shakes head sadly*

Those of us who aren't like that just aren't noticed. It's always the wingnuts, our current leaders included, who make the noise (and the decisions).

It saddens me.

So... let's recap:

1. She's using AOL.

2. She has 8 kids.

3. She obviously has tons of very strange pent up anger. So, it's safe to say that she sees herself as a "good, Christian American."

4. She's angry at you for posting a photo of your kid, yet she hangs all her political and psychological problems out in the open.

5. She uses phrases such as "spewing your crap about me president"...

6. She screams about some sort of strange magical code.

and, here's my favorite:

7. She says she doesn't like "ignorant people" which implies that she thinks she is actually sane.


It always amazes me at how many Americans love the idea of sending their kids off to defend "freedom" while they aren't bright enough to understand that by screaming at people they're actually fighting against freedom of expression.


I can't even stand to READ this steaming pile of illiterate bullshit.

It's cretins like this that make me almost EMBARASSED to live in this country. Blindly patriotic sheep walking gleefully and brainlessly to the slaughter.

And willing to fight to the death for their right to defend...wait, someone remind me what are they defending again?

Bwahaha! I quit reading when the caps started. I think I had a handle on the rest of the content by that point anyway. I have a code for my e-mail too. It's called "crazy fucks keep out."

So she deleted your reply "unread?" I guess she wins! Whoo!

Now you can stop thinking about it night & day, and lamenting every word you've ever written. B/c I know you are. You tree-hugging hippie liberal Canadian.

Thanks all. I knew I could count on you to remind me that most Americans aren't complete idiots.

And it's tue-despite everything I was ever taught, people like this get to me. IN a "sad, wish my kids would never have to deal with this" kinda way.

And you're right Tom. This type of person ruins freedoms. And they'll never even know what happened.

and the "secret magical code" you have Eden still cracks me up.

What a cunt!


Ok, that was a great read! There are sooooo many wahoos who really shouldn't use the internet.

I've been on message boards for a long time, and it just amazes me to read some rhetoric from people blinded by their patriotism.

On the other hand, I've known lots of really cool Americans who DO see the world for what it is.

Oh, and when we went to Europe in 2000, we wore Canadian flags on our backpacks, but a guy in a cafe in Paris told us that the fakes were easy to spot by their "air of entitlement".

Okay, I totally take offense to this. I'm 'merkin (that's a W-ism).

Yes, there are blindly patriotic hacks like that woman who go around giving us "intelligent" Americans a really bad name, like Granny said. Keep in mind, though, that approximately half of us voted for "the other party" in the last several elections and that those who didn't aren't all illiterate, Christian conservative whackos (my husband would be an example, though I sometimes question even his sanity).

And hell, you guys have the Bible thumpers up there, too. Maybe not as many but you still have them. Am I right?

FWIW, I live within an hour and a half of Canada (western Washington) and have for the past seven years (used to live in Michigan). Things do seem to get progressively worse the farther south you go, with California as an exception (though there are problems there, too).

Wow... Some people jam pickles pretty far up their asses, don't they? I can't talk to total strangers like that man. No way. Bad Karma. That person will come back as a toilet brush in their next life.

And OMG mother of 8???? Can you honestly tell me that there are people out there who STILL haven't figured out how to use birth control? Sheesh.... I LOVE KIDS but in this day and age, there is NO WAY I could have 8. Not in our economically warped world. Unless my parents WERE the president of the US, of course. lmao

There could never be enough said to make up for "those" people out there. :(

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