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Purging the random bilge

Who created duvet covers? Was it a man? It must have been. I just spent 10 minutes arguing with the bloody thing, while trying to keep Rosalyn off the bed, which she keeps threatening to fall off. Just my luck she figured out how to climb up on it. So I'm sitting there jiggling, shaking the damn cover, using a leg to keep the kid on the bed, only to find out I have the stupid comforter twisted inside the cover.

Good thing it was only 8.00 on clearance. Otherwise, I'd have to burn it.

I was deleting some work emails (that never happens, but once I begin to reach 100 unread, it's time to purge. I love that email preview feature.) and I came across one about a coworker leaving. They want to buy her a gift.

Fine. I can understand this. But then I get to the next line.

"Anyone who can give 20.00 towards this gift, please come see us."

WTF? Since when do you solicit specific amounts for gifts? And 20.00 freaking dollars? I make ok money, but we almost live off what I make, so I don't have a ton to spread around.

And I swear, everytime I open my email, it's another request for money for something. Workplace sports teams. Charity. "Social committee" (whatever the fuck that it). Every single freaking day someone is asking me for more money.

We pay about 35% taxes all told. I have money coming off for benefits, and savings bonds. I have a mortgage, groceries for 4, cable bill (soon to be gone, but still), credit bills, and sometimes, a wee bit of money for me.

But let me get this straight. You want 20.00 for a gift for someone that, while tolerable, was never more than a passing aquaintance? Or even better, money so you can have ball shirts? I have other things to do with the whopping 5.00 I might have left.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against charity. But I tend to be more in favour of stuff like running a blood drive for the former employee who's 1.5 year old son has leukemia. THAT I will put myself and my money behind. Because that to me, has more meaning than someone going to a better job.

you shouldn't be pressured by work to donate if you do not want to....that's why dress down fridays piss me off, I refuse to participate. I feel I'll donate where I feel necessary, not because someone told me to.

Pffftt...you get to the point where you just cannot give anymore.

Now that I own my own business, people seem to think I can just give out free shit to every auction for charity, bonspeil, funraising board and every other little thing people can think of.

My god, WHO is leaving that deserves 20$ per person? Really!

HAHA!! But is a DUDE really gonna care what the hell his comforter looks like??"

And there's nothing worse than people asking you to donate a specific dollar amount. Kinda unrelated but I remember walking somewhere with my boyfriend when a guy asked us to donate to his (probably made up) AIDS fund. My boyfriend at the time offered him $1 to which the guy replied, "Well, I really don't take less than $5 donations." Would you believe my (now ex) boyfriend actually gave in??

Mind you, I have nothing against giving to charity but don't try and shake me down!

I HATE the constant hand out at work. I do NOT make that much, really.

Nat And OPS with the initials CP. I don't mind her, but 20 FREAKING dollars!?!?

Jen I used to see that with my Dad's business-he only managed the store, and yet people assumed he had tons to give. With no charity budget to speak of.

Nicole Your ex wasn't the brightest, was he. :P I used to give cigarettes to street kids, but that was about it...I prefer to give my time or energy.

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