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Stupid People Scare Me.

Someone I work with keeps casually mentioning that people are scared of me.

This inevitably causes me to roll my eyes, because the conversation goes pretty much like this.

Me: Why in HELL is anyone scared of ME?

OP: I dunno. I guess because you scare them.

Me: That's helpful.

OP: You're honest, and let people know what you think.

Me: And that's a bad thing because....?

Why is honesty not something people actually want to hear? They'd prefer I lie to them, and then be thinking "what a jackass" in the back of my head? I'm a fairly simple person-if I don't like you, I won't talk to you, period. Of course, this is compounded by a healthy dose of social phobia, and shyness, but overall, I'm pretty easy to figure out. IF YOU TRY.

So is that the issue? It's easier to think I hate you, or be scared of me than to spend a few extra minutes trying to figure me out? I'm not really that intimidating, I swear. I just have a big mouth, and foot in mouth disease. And you know what? It's SUPER hard to NOT be scary when someone thinks you are. I don't know what the issue is, I really don't. And I'll admit, i can be an asshole. But you know what?

I'd appreciate a little honesty. I always wanted to be one of those sweet, nice little girls. Instead, I'm built like a linebacker, and apparently I scare small children and idiots.

Good to know.

I think people are afraid of anyone with the courage to speak their minds 24 hours a day. They're also afraid that you'll read them their rights if they step out of line.

But that's why we love you, Dor! ;)

Heh heh...

You remind me of a very good friend of mine. She's the type who speaks her mind, yet she isn't quick to be "best friends" with everyone, and some people think she's a bit ascerbic (though it's just her charm, IMHO). She has some serious trust issues (mom's an alcoholic and she lived with her when her folks divorced) and kind of a fucked of view of the world and I think that tarnishes her opinion of people.

She goes through this all of the time and wonders, "God, am I really THAT bad?" And the answer is no. Once you get to know her, she's wonderful (one of my best friends, really) but I honestly think some people are "scared" of her.

What to do? If it bugs you, you could let your guard down a little (if that's part of the problem) and see if that helps. If you're not comfortable with that, no big deal. The people that are worth being friends with you will make an effort to not be scared of you. Make sense? I hope it does. :)

Because sheeple are afraid of hearing the plain, blunt truth most of the time. Intelligent people who "tell it like it is" scare the bejebbers out of them.

God Missy, it sounds like I have a doppleganger or something. Same thing here. I'm always waiting for people to screw me over.

Plus, most people irritate me, so it's easier on everyone if I do NOT interact. And what is it with offices that everyone wants to "get along". Do your work-THEN I'll get along with you...

Ah, sheeple....I LOVE that word...

Sheeple. Heh.

I also have an unapproachable rep. In truth, I'm fairly kind, gregarious, etc. I just don't like people, in general. I like people with similar attitudes & opinions to mine but they're usually as unapproachable as I am.

Here's a good example: I'm at a 1-yr-old's b-day party and another mother strikes up a conversation about those Gerber fruit snacks. I say, "Oh yeah. Zoe loves those. Although I can't get past those ones that look like nipples!" See? I'm chatty. I'm approachable. I'm just inappropriate ;)

I lie, I tell people what they want to hear and they hate me too, because I am not genuine.. LOL!

We'll never win.

Eden, I feel your pain. I tend to order coffee, asking for a side of Dildo just to watch all the old people blush, so I'd enjoy your company.

Lgirl-be honest! It's so FREEING!

Nat said When I first started at THATHELLISHPLACE, I was intimidated by you, but only cause you didn't say much. People who don't say much intimidate me more because I always wonder what's going through their heads. That's my own paranoia though, more than anything. lol Now I know that most thoughts that go through your head are similar to mine. KILL THE ONES WHO DON'T EVER SHUT THE HELL UP! hahaha

Trying to keep this relatively anon, k?

Nice button!

Thought you might like that Krista. They were enjoyed by MANY people.

i still want one that says "I'll be nicer when you're smarter."

My birthday is in Sept, plenty of time people. I also enjoy Krispy Kreme's, new knitting needles and stripy socks.

No pressure though.

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