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I can see you standing in the rooms I grew up in, years from now. You're tall, you're lovely, and you're no longer quite mine. I see you as a woman, long forward, and I mourn this already.

~she's bright, she's right she goes all night~

la la la. Your hair streams down your back as I watch from the corner, where my monsters used to lurk. You touch the walls, not believing my heart lived and died here. You ask me where I slept. You stand there now.

I can see my mother coming through you, her spirit invading. You ask me what she wanted for me.

Same thing I want for you honey bear. Happy, happy, love forever and ever and no pain and no scars and no moments you can't forget, unless they're the type that you don't WANT to forget. She wanted flowers and candy and HOME forever. Remember home? This place we sit in right now, where it's sunny forever and golden in memory strings we can pull on to engulf us. She wanted all of this. She only wanted this.

It's fragile already.

It's what we all wish for your kids. You expressed it beautifully.

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That was simply lovely

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