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Just another Manic Wednesday

Gods how I wish these manic periods would continue. I imagine this is how you regular folk feel most of the time-active, tons of desire to do stuff, able to get off the couch and cook, that sorta thing.

Mine never lasts, so I appreciate it when it happens. I even started a second blog for a short story that I've been tossing around in my head. At least on line I can come back to it.

Tomorrow, I get to find out what's really wrong with me. I'm scared she'll say "Nothing".

And good thoughts to Jen at Spaghetti Harvest (see links on the side) as she waits for the alien to make it's appearance out of her overdue body. :)

I spend one hour of awaken time at home during the week each day. So...no, not a big fan of mania.


Wait, so you like running around like a chicken with your head cut off? Who knew??

Good luck tomorrow.......

Lemme know what happens.

What Nat said.

Ray is home, coomplete with collar.

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