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HE wore an itsy bitsy, teeny-weeny?....

Now normally, I don't make much mention on this blog about goings on in the outside world, since I tend to back myself into corners all over the internet anyway. But this....so close to dinner time, it icked me out.

Apparently, Jean Paul Gauthier is putting hot pants and wedge heels on men. See picture.

Now, think of the guy who works in the deli down the street from your house, the old guy who jiggles when he gets the salami out for you, think of him in that little red number.

Nice thought, isn't it.

Now, I'm a fairly liberal person. Ok, most days, I don't give a rat's ass what you do with your time, I really don't. So long as no one is hurt, whatever. I'm easy to get along with. But this:

Men with shaggy mullet hairdos sported hip-hugging pants in bold python patterns or crinkly see-through jackets with a trompe l'oeil denim print.

I just can't handle that. There are certain outfits I don't want to see on anyone, since it HURTS ME to see it. I'm thinking immediately to anyone my size wearing low rise pants and a halter top in public. (while I know that the low rise problem is hard to escape, the halter top one isn't). Hot pants and mullets also come to mind. There is NOTHING good about a mullet. Case and point:

I don't really think our society, especially in the shape it's currently in, is prepared for male hot pants. There's what, 29% of our population that is obese? And we want them wearing freaking hot pants?

Here's my thought-let's focus on changing eating habits, and what's cheap and convenient, instead of creating yet another overpriced, sure to fail fashion trend. Let's bring on the fat tax, and make sure anyone (myself included) who wears clothes too tight has to pay a fine.

I mean really...mullets?

man, I ALWAYS screw up the block quote thingy...why do I bother...

You seriously think any guys you know are going to wear that crap?

I did know a guy in grad school who grew a mullet. He actually looked good with it, though the guy could probably look good wearing those wedges, too. :)

Again, I hope all or your health stuff is finally coming under control. Oh, and I hate you for having them wild berries in your yard, though I also have wild berries right near mine, though they're blackberries, and they're the invasive type (ALL OVER the Pacific NW).

Everyone from my northern neighbor is talking about berries these days and I become more and more envious. Stop picking on me you two!!

Ours are awful this season.

Nice to see that they're making couture for men look as unfathomable as couture for women. ;)

COnsidering some of the "fashion" I've seen around here, anything is possible.

And yes, I'm glad that now guys can stare at couture and say "fuck THAT shit" too.

mmmmmmm berries.....

Jesus. Those guys look like they raided Elton John's closet.

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