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In case you were wondering...

this album still bloody rules.

Hope you're okay, sorry I haven't been around so much

Youd' never know it from the album cover. Just kidding.

Actually I only know one song by them. How pitiful is that??

Heh. I could say something like, "God, I fucking hate Dinosaur Jr. I knew there was something wrong with you!"

Ultimately, though, I have this album, too. It's one of the three or four my husband and I used to make out to when we first hooked up. How's that for TMI?

Ha ha hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Nicole, it is one of the worst album covers I've ever seen, but the record rules. It's about the only Dino Jr album I LIKE. J Mascis drives me kinda nuts otherwise.

I deserved that Missy. Wilco is a good band, I just can't stomach them.

I got lost in the woods for 3 hours in Norther Ontario listening to this once. Not quite as good as making out to it, but still.

And it's depressing! You made out to it?


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