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Is it wrong?....

to snicker at my daughter for being so bloody clumsy? She really does come by it honestly, since her mother has sprained ankles falling off curbs, or into those little divots people carve between their lawn and the sidewalk. But I swear, this child has no depth perception.

This morning, next to the computer, for no apparent reason WHAM into the desk. Falls back onto ass. Sits there, likely muttering toddler swears. Tries to get up, slightly bumps head on desk WHAM down again. See sippy cup, attempts half standing grab WHAM down on her head. Finally figures out that she should stand, then grab.

Makes it 5 feet when she hits the floor like a ton of bricks.

Now, maybe I am a bad Mommy, maybe I'm a sadistic bitch with PMS, but this has been cracking me up all morning. This child will just fall down. She thinks she has better balance than she does or something, because she'll be running, and giggling and happy when suddenly she goes down HARD.

And I piss myself laughing.

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