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There are two things I hate about summer.

  • Bees/wasps/yellowjacks/anything that might look mean and sting me
  • Idiots.

Now, the first can be remedied with various traps, sprays, etc. I can avoid the stinging meanies. Idiots on the other hand.

We're walking up the street and the LOUDEST Honda Accord I've ever heard comes roaring up the street. It's some version of metallic blue, like if blue forgot to be blue and instead turned into "left on the lawn gray". There is, inevitably, 2 ugly white guys trying to look "ghetto", bopping their heads to Without Me by that other white idiot, since all loud crap cars in this town seem to come with that song looped in the car radio.

Dudes, it's Moncton. Good luck with the ghetto thing. Really, I mean it.

Then there are the disturbingly loud Harley's that seem to echo up and down our street morning, noon and night. I know you're cooler than cool, I know you're tough. Just...go bother someone else with your idiot machine.

I'm not even going to mention the moron who parks in my driveway and leaves his garbage. I cannot WAIT to figure out who he's friends with.

What I have trouble understanding is why all these boys (because it's rare to see a girl driving in some souped up Honda Civic trying to look cool. Girls know better) have this urge to be loud and annoying. Do they expect that all the women in the area with sigh this collective noise of bliss, cream themselves and hurl their bodies at this wonderous piece of machinery? Because I've done random polls. EVERY. SINGLE. WOMAN. snorts, snickers, and mutters something about small penis'. No one thinks those guys are a great catch. They think about how annoyed their neighbours would be if that dropped them off every night.

What I need to develop is an Idiot Trap. In this town, I'm thinking I could just dump some greasy food in a garage, and go from there. Or advertise penis enlargement services.

They're around here too. Always loud and usually parked next to me at an interminable red light.

I can roll up the window and mute the noise but I can't do much about the vibration. Headache time.

several times when I have been in the car ....correction blue minivan and hear these idiots I have reached over flipped my radio to the "Twangiest" country sone I can find, roll my windows down on their side only and treat them to what they I'm sure feel is poison to theri ears! I usuall get glared at and ocasionaly flipped off. And I just laugh at them. It make traffic just a tad more interesting :) Childish I know.

We feel your pain here.

The thing that my husband and I don't understand is the fact that they spend who knows how much money on that crap to pimp out a $2000 used car. Why don't they save up their money, after buying the car for transportation, and get a better, faster car later? Why don't they? Because they're fucking idiots, that's why.

My favorites are the ones with the flames painted on the side. I mean, come on, f you can't get your 100 horsepower, 4-cylinder engine to get you up that big hill, then the flames definitely aren't going to help.


Yeah, aint they cool? Just what I look for in a guy?

Out here its the "TRUCK" we're in redneckville, so the bigger, the louder the better.

Krista Any time we're in a car, we either find some Opera music, or turn on something obnoxious (I think he used Wolf Eyes last time) and CRANK it. But, they aren't too bright here.

Missy I must disagree. Flames are the key to everything in life. I told the Dorf I'm down with a minivan if we ever do decide to pollute the earth ONLY if I can put hot pink flames up the side of it.

Jen How exactly does one look cool in a trucK? I could see if you were in a cruck, but...

Granny The other day, I'm sitting at the office-I'm on the second floor, about 25 feet from the windows. All of a sudden things in the office start to vibrate from a car on the street below.

That can't be good for anyone.

Better...same thing except on the 17th floor of an office building.

stormykrista reminded me of the times when I've cranked whatever opera I was listening to up full blast.

I got stuck on the beginning of your post because we're having a MASSIVE hornet problem right now and my home owner's association is doing ass to put a stop to it. Which really butters my biscuits since they're pressuring me to replace some wood on the front of my house by the end of the month. HYPOCRITES!!!

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