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To Sleep, perchance to dream...

I dream of war.

I dream of rockets, of blood, of screaming children orphaned. I dream of dirt, of ruins, of loss. There is no sound, and no words. Just death hanging in the air, watching and waiting.

I can do nothing but sleep through this.

When I wake up, the feeling remains, the thought that outside my door so much death waits. But it doesn't. I arrive at work enscathed. My bus ride is uneventful, and I slept not in bunkers last night.

I try and believe that events aren't leading to a final crisis, but my dreams of late are making me increasingly nervous. They seem so final.

I'd like a night or two free of blood, of hate, of pain. There's enough during the day afterall.

I never remember my dreams, except for this week, two on the same night. Both violent enough to keep me awake.
Both took place at my desk at work. I am profusely bleeding to death. Not from violence, through illness.
Nobody notices.

"Most times, blood represents depletion, injury, or death."

These dreams are as vivid today as when they occurred four nights ago. I think I have seen the future.

I posted a little about this on the other blog this morning.

I've been trying to write about it for a week and noting happens. I don't have nightmares yet but the whole thing is never far from my mind.

I'm close to despair.

It sure is distressing to say the least, current events that is.

Perhaps you are recalling a past life trauma which is being triggered by the news?

It's so hard to stop thinking thoughts like this when there is news of war going on all around us. :(

I think I just need to stop watching CNN right before I go to bed.

But Without, sometimes you body will manifest it's symptoms in dreams, so you likely aren't far off. You're having some issues lately anyway, aren't you? I thought I remembered reading that.(Of course, the roofies incident likely didn't help.)

I'm just kinda scared with this one, since it seems like a bunch of old men arguing over who gets to piss on what tree.

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