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Is there anything more depressing than a sick toddler?

Take one child, who normally is bouncing off the walls, screaming, yelling, making herself KNOWN dammit!, and add what seems to be a headcold.

Quiet, sleepy and pissed off.

What we assumed was one hell of a molar coming through now seems to be some sort of illness. You know the kind. The "I'll just go over here and DIE for a little while" variety.

It;s the saddest thing ever, the dopey eyes, the fever burning up the surroundings. We dutifully give her tylenol ever 4 hours, and the fever dutifully comes back every 3.5. The weird thing is, nothing else is happening-she wakes up, you put her down, and she starts crying like you just tipped her favorite cow.

I made cookies, and she didn't want one. She's that sick. (And for the record, next time I decide to make said cookies, remind me that eating 6 of them at once makes your tummy kinda rumbly in a bad way.)

I just hate to watch it, but at the same time, I love it when my kids are sick. They're cuddly and quiet and nice to sit with a just hold. I love the feeling of the little head under my chin, the hand in mine, the moist doe eyes staring at me like it's my fault. Call me nutty, but sometimes I enjoy the dependance.

So, in lieu of anything useful, that was my day. Poor Rosalyn is sick like a dog, and I have a sick suspicion that I'm next.

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Nothing sadder than a sick little kid. Hope she feels better soon.

Poor baby. :( I know the feeling, all 3 of mine have been sick. Not that bad though, but I can rmember the hollow eyes on my normally very spirited 3 year old when he had the flu, and it broke my heart. Hope she feels well soon!

We've been passing it around too. Yuck.

Have you seen Biting Beaver update?

Sorry to hear about the cold! I always feel so helpless with sick little ones...

I'm sorry, I hope she gets better soo n and you manage to avoid it xx

Have we been channeling each other? Hope you're all well again soon.

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