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How long? How many more?

I'm so deathly ill of hearing about CONVICTED pedophiles committing crimes again again. I'm sick of hearing about someone committing sexual offences after abducting 4 boys and only getting one year.

I am tired, I am SICK of seeing our justice system doing a massive injustice to our children, to our parents. How many girls and boys have to die before it matters? Is someone a dangerous offender because they've raped once, or 6 times?

I have trouble believing that rape is something that you can rehabilitate, and frankly, I'm sick of watching them try.

Many people now believe that you cannot rehabilitate a sex offender, that we haven't found the key to that illness. And don't get me wrong, I believe it IS an illness.

But we quarantine people with TB until it's safe for them to be around people. Why don't we do the same for child rapists? Why do we value of children's lifes and minds so little?

Everytime I see articles about people like Peter Whitmore, the rage I have held for my own abusers come to the forefront, and makes me silly with anger and frustration. How many other kids did they do it to? How many times did nothing happen?

Part of the reason I never came forward was also the knowledge that nothing would happen.

As a parent, I tired of other parents having their faith in other people shattered by disgusting people like Peter Whitmore, who have PROVEN time and again that they are NOT to be trusted, and yet are given free rides by our justice system. He has REPEATEDLY violated his parole, and our laws.

My own personal wish? Until we find the solution, these people are killed, period. And I don't mean sex offenders, like the 19 year old who had consensual sex with their 15 year old girlfriend. I mean offenders who repeatedly offend, repeatedly ruin lives. What are OUR lives worth?

How many children need to be broken before we care?

AMEN to that.

Love the new look BTW.

I totally agree with you on this one, and also many others. However, I wonder if this is not a global problem with society. We all like to despise the local pedophile, and rightly so, but at the same time, of all the people I know, more than half were victims of some sort of childhood sexual abuse. Then if you go to places like Japan or Southeast Asia, pedophilia is almost a national pastime. You can even buy little girls underwear in vending machines there!

Add onto all of that, this campign to sexualize children. One of my co-workers had a professional photo of her 6 year old grand-daughter in full make up with her top coming suggestively off her shoulder and a sexy look on her face - at 6!!! Then we have 8-12 year old girls running around with slinky clothes and bootylicious across their butt.

None of this condones anything mind you, it just strikes me as odd that we are so reviled by pedophiles, yet our culture seems to celebrate child sexuality at every turn. All I'm saying is that I think it's a much larger problem than the justice system and a creepy guy who lives up the street. We have major celebrities and parents regularly busted for kiddie porn and child-porn rings - there's got to be something to that.

Food for thought anyway.

We live in a society that cannot make up it's damn mind about sex, period. And that, if anything, does prevent REAL progress from being made with any laws to protect children.

Until we can actually decide what is a "child" and what is an "adult", we won't be able to really legislate these crimes. Is a mature 14 year old still a child? Should someone who rapes a toddler and someone who fondled a 13 year old be punished in the same manner? are some crimes what they are, unspeakable and morally irredemable?

We have a society that sells thongs for 12 year olds. When I was younger, certain things were left for when you were older, like high heels. It was a sign of maturity, and growth. We live in an age where kids SHOULD be more empowered, instead, the get little Kim and their parents unable to talk to them about sex.

I have two daughters, and the entire thing drives me insane. Someone with this many offences should be locked away, period.

And thanks for noticing Jen. I didn't do it myself, that's for sure. :P

Good post.

Okay, so it's not my connection being retarded. Your blog actually HAS changed. Nice job!

I have to say I'm with you on this one (when am I not with you). It's hard to imagine that offendors can be successfully rehabilitated. In fact, some have gone so far as to warn authorities that they can't be let out of prison or they're guaranteed to commit the same reprehensible crime again.

Thanks Nicole-I didn't do it, that's for sure. The previous template was a fine example of what happens when I attempt anything.

Many offenders realize that there is something broken in them that we don't know how to fix. I've never believed that someone wakes up and rational decides to molest children-but that doesn't stopo me from wanting these people neutralized in some way.

THink about it-we spend how much on drugs GIVING men erections, and we give piddling sentances to molesters and kiddie rapers.

I think it's high time for that to stop.

I think that maybe if all child molesters would convert to Islam, that peace loving religion our sandy neighbors on the other side of the globe practice, it would be okay. See they could call molesting children part of a holy war.

Roughly 50% of Americans would accept any actions that they did under religious pretenses. The French, Russians and Canadians would support them and we could have a UN resolution. It's not a problem if you don't mind it.

Damn I'm smrt.

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