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Potty Training, the saga continues

First of all, THANK YOU to anyone who gave me some advice a little while back. I have integrated all of it into what we've been doing. We started about a week ago, and we've been easing into it. Thus far we have achieved:

  • 2 longish walks in the stroller, wearing underpants, without incident. Granted, the minute she stands up, the floodgates open, but it's a start, and a lesson to me to get her on the potty as soon as we get home. BUT, she fell asleep for about 20 minutes on one of these trips, and only let a little go, and got upset, before running to the bathroom.
  • a clear "I need to poop now" and mad running to the potty. SCORE! She has no problems pooping in the toilet, and in fact, seems to relish it.
  • Mostly accident free IF she isn't wearing anything. If she's nekid, she's fine. Even with the princess panties, and the possibility that Mulan might cry, she still pees. Apparently this is normal? I just find it odd, and I can only assume that if she feels something on her vulva, she assumes it's a diaper.
  • She clearly knows the difference between having a diaper on and not. She will state "I pee in diapers" as she pees in said diaper. So I know she's ready.
  • Bribery, they name is Vivian. This totally works, especially using sprinkle covered chocolates from the candy store (she calls them "sprinklers") Her "BIG" bribe is a Backyardigans book.

So it's been a week, and she's doing ok. I'm thinking maybe we're paranoid, and should be so. Are we doing ok? Tell me internet peeps, are we on the right track here?

SOunds like you're winning the potty wars. Whatever works, eh (which is usually just consistency and time.)

The nekid vs not thing is common--Zen Baby does the same thing!

Hooray for only buying one size of diapers!

ACtually, we're buying diapers and pull ups (for naps and sleeps) but it's a small victory.

We've won the battle, if not the war...

Doing fine. I used pullups with all the girls and kept the pretty panties in a drawer for bribery purposes.

Sounds like it's going well :)

The princess panty thing only worked for a few weeks for us before a distraction-accident (too busy to stop coloring and hop on the potty.) As soon as Lucy realized that nothing horrific happened to Cinderella all bets were off. She's still pretty much accident free, but we spend a lot of time with no bottoms in the house.

yeah, the whole 'Cinderelly will cry" routine didn't work here either. I got "that" look....sigh....

Today I got lazy, and left her in pull ups most of the day. BAD mommy.

I wish I was one of the ones that gave you advice. Then I could feel all warm and fuzzy when you thanked me for it. ;)

We're going through the same thing with Luka. Sounds like you're right on track!

Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.

Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.

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