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Not dead....not that I don't wish it sometimes...

Whatever this "problem" with my stomach is, it's only getting worse, so I haven't been online much, nor have I been working. Everytime I think it's better, BOOM, I'm writhing in pain for 4 hours.

I FINALLY got someone at the ER to not think it's just the flu, so after an all night visit, with 10 mins spent with the doctor, I know get the fun job of collecting my crap. JOY. Coupled with having to be extremely careful with what I ingest, and I'm totally enjoying things.

So, I'm exhausted, and not feeling well, and I kinda smell. (Having you husband ask you nicely to sleep in the other room because you stink is another highlight of whatever this is). The doctor said it could be one of MANY things, hence all the tests.

I just want to be able to eat without fear of oodles of pain, that's all.

Sorry you've been feeling so shitty lately, hun. No pun intended...well, yeah it was. ;o)
Ah poop colliecting, I remember that joyful excursion all too well. *insert gagging noise here*
I hope they find the cause of your pain soon, my friend and that it's something easily fixed. Stay positive and get better soon.

I was out of town yesterday and just now catching up on my friends.

I hope they figure out whatever it is.


Yuck is only the half of it.

To help stop the "runs", they gave me a medication that basically makes you constipated. So between that and being nervous about mixing urine in the sample, which the paperwork is VERY clear on not to do, I'm so NOT getting a sample.

This sucks balls. AND I'm totally scared everytime I eat something, since this has been set off by both pizza and chicken spaghetti sauce. So I don't know. And of COURSE my mind jumps right to stomach cancer....

BUT, I seem to have lost a little weight, so it's not all bad. :P

You get excruciating pain upon eating and diarrhea? You have GALLSTONES my dear and your ER sucks balls for not knowing that.

Let me guess where the pain is: right at the tip of your breastbone, around where your stomach should be but it's not quite your stomach. It feels like a heavy, spiky ball just in there being a sonuvabitch. It's worse than labor, worse than a burn, pain so bad you can't think of anything else? It's gallstones. You're having a gallbladder attack. The only way to get rid of the pain (and the fear of eating) is by getting that little bastard out of there. And if your ER sent you home w/ anti-poop meds and told you to take pain pills? Don't go there for the surgery b/c they're fucking clueless.

I was wondering about gallstones too.


I was actually chastised for going to the emergency room "We don't diagnose things here, that's not our job" I had to LOUDLY point out the fact that for 4 of the 7 hours I was there, i was in AGONY, not that anyone noticed the girl doubled over and crying, or later or, the girl exhausted because she hadn't really slept in 3 days because of the pain.

I felt like I didn't deserve to BE in the ER, because I wasn't bleeding from any orfices. I told the doctor, I've been here 3 TIMES because I'm in PAIN and I cannot do ANYTHING when it happens. Not to mention the fact that 3 days of the runs can't be good for a person.

It was even more fun the prior trip when they told me it was just "the flu". I've had ulcers before, and know that when you burp or fart, and it smells like death wormed over and rotten eggs, it's NOT just the flu.

I have an appt with my doctor soon, so hopefully that yields something. Believe me, I googled my symptoms, and came up with gall bladder quickly. Mentioning google to the doctors here only makes things worse however.

Now if only I could poop....

Thordora, your symptoms do sound a lot like gallbladder to me. I had mine removed in March but because I had IBS I thought my symptoms were due to it but after a number of sleepless nights I realised it was something more. If you're writhing in pain and it feels like someones twisting your guts it could be gallbladder.

Good luck with it, hopefully it'll be sorted out very quickly for you.

Wow, I was thinking Gallbladder as well! That SUCKS ass. Big time. However, once they yank that sucker, no more problems.

Apparently mine has to go too, but only once they figure out what to do about my other issue.

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