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Sometimes, the good guys do win!

Awhile back I stumbled on the story of Matthew Nguyen, and his website www.helpmatthewstay.com.

In a nutshell, this guy was brought to Canada illegally, kept as little more than a slave for years until he ran away and begged to start school. For 6 years he was little more than a captive doing housework.

He started school, and a social worker helped him find housing. He had great grades, and plans for a future.

The our government had this great idea to deport him back to France, a country he barely remembered, with a language he didn't speak.

So the call went out for people to lobby their MP's and the immigration minister. And many of us did. Myself in particular added to the form letter, stating that this young man defines what I want in Canada-someone hardworking, someone with a thirst for knowledge, someone unafraid of challenge. Why would we deport him?

But for once, something good happened. They changed their mind, and extended a 3 year visa, during which time he can apply for immigrant status.

So nice that during all this other crap, that our government periodically fixes the rectal cranial inversion it experiences, even if only temporarily.

Good news. Now if I could only convince ours to do the same.

That's so refreshing. I wish common sense was contagious because we definitely need a whole HEAP of it down here!

Cool blog ...

They should just kick him out. Send him back to France.
No papers no entry.

Apparently Anon is american....

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