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"We didn't realize it would get so hot"

Let me set this up for you.

For the past while, it's been VERY freaking hot in Toronto. It's hot enough here (almost 100F with the humidity today), and it's worse in Toronto. I've lived there. I know how nasty it gets in July.

So what do two women do? The leave their 97 year old Grandmother and Mother in the CAR for over 30 minutes. They get arrested after someone notices that the woman has been there for at least that long, and it's freaking disgustingly hot outside. And what does the brain surgeon child say?

That she's angry that shoppers "didn't mind their own business"

Bonnie Bouclair? You're an asscrap and a moron.

I don't care what anyone says-I wouldn't leave a dog in the car in this heat, and you leave your MOTHER in there, and blame "the line up"? You LOCKED her in the car because she has bad eyesight. There were TWO of you. Someone could have brought her IN the mall, or at least gone out and started the car to get the A/C going. How on earth can DOG FOOD be more important than your mother?

Bonnie says "It's not like we left her to die"

Yeah, actually, you did. Your daughter says "we just didn't think"

These are two women over 30 years old. I would think that they would have been smart enough to realize what they were doing.

oops, there's that word again. THINK.

Read the article here. You may have to register, but it's free.

Bad eyesight? didn't want her to fall? What a load of shit. They'd be really mad if passers by did mind their business, cause they'd have a dead mother/grandmother. I hope when that sixty-year-old one needs care, she's treated the same way as her 97-year-old mother. It's comin' around there, Bonnie, and sooner than you'd like to think.

I had to translate. 122 (F). It's a wonder she lived through it.

They don't even have the excuse of forgetting (which isn't a great excuse anyhow).

Thinking? Shit for brains.

Perhaps their punishment should be having to stay in a locked car under the same conditions for an hour...or so....these two people are incredible idiots and their excuses are absolutely stupid! If it takes two of them to buy aspirin and dog food while some poor old lady dies in their sweltering vehicle I hope the Humane Society takes their dog away too! Callous wenches.

I'm sorry, I can't read the article because it would make me too damn MAD!

Maybe try locking these cretins up for 30 minutes just to see if they'd still want us to mind our own business.

That so disgusts me! That poor woman!

Wow. No cracked windows even?

That's bad.

they said they had the front windows open 8 centimeters. Ooo the kindness abounds.

I love the Asscrap and Moron comment ... that sums it up! ... We lived next door to these assholes for more than three years, and let me tell you, it's finally liberating that the entire world is finding out just how moronic/stupid/insane these bitches really are!

Absolutely revolting. I was so heart sick when I saw this on the news. What goes around comes around but I hope that they get what they so richly deserve sooner than later.
Maybe they should be put in the same situation for a few hours just to see the torture they caused. If only it were legal.

Oh Anon, it's so nice to hear that. I hate it when people pretend that they've been represented wrongly in the press, when it's obvious from their actions that they really haven't.

Raida, I couldn't agree more. Let's lock them in, and go shopping for shoes or something. Cause the line up will be WAYYY long...

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