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Ever have one of those days where you want to say something profound and meaningful, and yet all you're left with in your head is "Jesus, that Glade Plug In smells like SHIT!"?

It's one of those days.

I find myself frequently "drifting" off into space lately, and I think it's the meds. I feel enraptured by my own thoughts and memories, by the space I occupy. Yet at the same time, those moments are just as likely to involve the "chicken or veggie entree for dinner" debate. My brain, I believe she is melting.

Or at least shifting. I'm glad to see that my urge to "create" hasn't ebbed-in fact, most days it's pretty high, and it would be great if it wasn't for the kids/job thing. My head is bursting with ideas, with thoughts and plans. It's like being manic, without being annoying.


Meh, who am I kidding. I've spent most of the day trying to convince a toddler to have a nap before I implode. Currently, she's watching Lady & The Tramp, her usual nap inducement, and I'm worrying that little miss potty trained and won't take off my Mulan panties has peed on the lazyboy. I just hate cleaning pee of apholstery. She's doing pretty good though. And I must say, they grunting and the "I can't poop right now Mommy" is pretty damn funny.

Rosalyn has started humming/monosyllabically singing the Backyardigans theme. OVER and OVER and OVER. We got Vivian a Backyardigans book as a potty reward. It's in Rosalyn's bed. Heh.

Vivian will also be three in 2 weeks. It's so hard to believe. This time 3 years ago, it's was hot, and i was annoyed and scared and worried and excited and waiting. 3 short years. I feel like it's been 20, I've grown up so much, and become such a different person. But more on that tomorow maybe, or never. I just feel that sometimes, the bridge of time is elastic, and plays tricks.

So that's a random day, want to be profound but sounding like my boyfriend in Grade 11 (sorry Bryan-but anyone who screws a 16 year old when they're 24 has a screw loose. Even I knew that then). My head is tired, I'm tired, but it's cool enough to cook, after being 100F yesterday. I even made healthy Apple Oat muffins today. they're good for me and they don't taste like hay. YEAH!

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