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SHUT UP about it already.

I'm so terribly sick of hearing about Blogher.

Does anyone else feel like this is yet again another club that only certain people get to play in? I'm thinking, oh, i dunno, people with more money and time than me?

I keep seeing tantalizing glimpses of blogging being this powerful act, moving beyond just words to changing people, to altering people. But I don't hold that image for long. I see bands of women toddling behind two or three bloggers, behind certain "expectations" of what a blog by a woman should be. I see the same mass of women that I never related to before all this, and I see them elevated to super stardom.

And yeah, it's cool-everyone has their own space, right? But it seems that some "good" bloggers get left behind, the normal bloggers, who don't seem to travel around on a whim, who don't have the money to just "do their thing", who can stay home and make those moments transcend what they are. I rarely see those types of experiences held up as examples. I see the same popular=painful trend that seems to happen in every other creative movement.

You know what it really feels like, when I get down to it? It takes me right back to Grade 5, when the "popular" girls all had their Esprit tops and had their little "club" in the woods behind the school, and only THEY could join. Only girls who were "popular", which at our school, meant had money, and spent inordinate amounts on time on their hair.

I don't doubt that some, if not many bloggers at Blogher are cool people, aren't are the Stacey's and Vicki's of my grade school world. But I hate the feeling, like I should be sad that I'm missing out on some great experience. Last time I checked, too many women and too much alcohol never ends well. At least it doesn't in Canada.

And the choir said amen.

They may be perfectly nice people but it isn't my idea of a good time.

I like meeting bloggers. If you weren't across two countries and a continent I'd love to meet you.

Just not in the middle of a wild weekend, please.

Amen Sista!

You are 100% right. If I were to show up at BlogHer, people would start giving me drink orders. It strikes me as (1) a way for someone, somewhere to make money and (2) a get-together for the A/B-list of women bloggers.

The way it is with all writing is that certain people find success while others who might be more talented don't. Like you might read a friend's work that's great and then see the rows and rows of schlock and think "That's in print?"

I've avoided the people who are at BlogHer, in general. The few I do read, I'm just skipping them this week. I can't imagine there's anything in their entries I care about.

If it were just a get-together, I don't think the rest of us would care so much. It's hyped as a convention, which translates into "We're here and you're not and pbhthb."

BTW: Not to be snooty but I do have money. Would I spend a single dollar on going to the blogging equivalent of cheerleading camp? Absolutely not. Of course maybe if I plastered my blog w/ ads and whored myself, I'd have the extra dough for such nonsense.

ok good. It's not just me. Like Ann said, I'd LOVE to meet up with a few that I read on a daily basis, especially anyone local, since we all understand that I'm foul, and only seem to be able to make friends online. :P We should start a "Meet Ann" convention. :P

Eden I didn't mean the money thing to be a dig, since quite a few people do happen to be comfortable-I meant it more towards the people who make it CLEAR that they have money, and use that to distance themselves from others. The cheerleading comparison is quite apt-I don't feel that this group in any way represents me, or many of the female bloggers out there. So it's annoying to feel like it's being "sold" as the second coming or something.

It's really reminding me of the snooty girls in Romy & Michele. THAT's what bugs me.

And you are TOTALLY snooty for having money. You wench. :)

I think I'm totally lost now. I joined BlogHer ages ago when I first put my blog online and had no idea what it was. I still have no idea what it is but I guess I'm technically still a member. That is, if I knew what my login/password were.

Maybe we're talking about two different groups or something. Is it REALLY a hard thing to get into??

I like the line about "cheerleader camp for bloggers"--that's kind of what it seems like to me. And I never was a cheerleader.

Nor do I drink--just because I don't LIKE alcohol. Which right there, makes me sure I wouldn't fit in (!)

I have been looking at some of the reports and the blogs of bloggers going, just out of curiousity. But I know I'm not part of that crowd, and never would be...

Meh, its for the cool kids. I never was a cool kid, so it dosent bother me.

I totally agree. I always thought my blog was just for airing my dirty laundry, not for making money off of, nor of trying to get better at via a convention for self-help for my blog.

Thank you for putting it into writing. Yes, I'm fucking sick fo BlogHer. Especially the word BlogHer. It's like...well, it's just annoying.

And I'm drunk as hell. Read my latest post already goddammit.


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