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My choice? Get off the streets.

Maybe you've heard about these lunatics.

Pro-Lifers from Ontario have come to New Brunswick with GIANT signs, showing graphic pictures of aborted foetus'. They then stand on the street, where you cannot look away if you are driving, where you cannot protect your young children from these pictures.

The various letters to the editor in the local idiot paper (all from men I might add) talk about people being offended "because they've never seen the truth".

What "the truth" has to do with explaining to a 4 year old why there is a bloody mess on a bunch of posters, I don't know.

Some of us are pro-choice, and we know what the procedure looks like. Some of us don't. Some don't care. Some of us are more than a little irritated that a group of mutbags believes that showing such disgusting pictures in public, with no care for the people they might be upsetting.

And then the argument turns into "but abortion is wrong! WA WA WA! Feel bad for the poor widdle babies!"


These people, if I can use that term, are only around to protect what they think is their god given right to protect. They aren't there to support the mother after, in anyway. They don't actually care about people. They care about their agenda.

I've been reading about this for days, and nothing makes me more angry than the thought of explain to my toddler what those pictures are. She'll learn early enough. It is not a group of people, who I find personally repugnant, place to teach my children anything.

And the minute men start trying to order me and my uterus around, I become more than a little irritated. It's bad enough the only place to get abortions is in Fredericton, IF you can pay for it.

I swear, this province will never, EVER get it's head out of it's ass.

I can't even imagine trying to explain pictures of aborted fetuses to a little kid. What can you say? Those people wave around bloody signs because they are filled with rage and hatred?
Disgusting, shortsighted assholes who seem to think Gawd Himself has given them the right to spout off hateful and ugly things and imprint images on impressionable minds.

I heard about them. I am totally pro-choice. I'm ok with people being against it, if they do it in a civilized way. Preach it. Go NUTTS! But don't scare little kids!

Well, I beleive in free speech, but I also beleive that a rational line of decency has to be established.

I've gotten into arguments with hard line pro-lifers, ,and they always stagger at one point I make. I tell them that I will support the pro-life stance the day that I see all pro-lifers take personal responsiblity for each and every unwanted life that is brought into the world. Somehow they think that it will "work itself out" that kids won't end up abused, neglected and traumatized because their mothers resent their existance. Or because they spent their life going from one foster home to another.

We had a group at my university, I actually had to add 10 minutes to my commute to avoid their signs as Rugrat WAS in the car - not old enough to even ask, but still.

My wife and I had to explain what those pictures were to my 6 year old. We told him that they were sick babies.

I think you should get some photos of all the people these same kind of folks executed in the U.S. and have a counter protest with signs of dead adults with slogans like "It's all in the Timing."

I'm afraid it's probably only going to get worse if Canadian activists follow suit with their American counterparts.

In other news, it was nice to see your comments over at TRR - glad you're still around.

We've had tires slashed and windows broken here. Fresno Planned Parenthood has bulletproof glass on its windows and full time security.

They're always about punishment. It served us right and pregnancy is our punishment. Or Aids. Or Hepatitis.

The same bunch of lunatics that shows up on your streets usually opposed sex education and birth control as well, at least here in the states. It's a constant battle.

The Senate just passed a law making it a criminal offense to transport a minor from a state with a parental notification and/or consent law to a state without that law.

They have just sentenced young women to death; either from illegal abortion or at the hands of an abusive parent who may even be responsible for the pregnancy.

It's beyond obscene.

Oh, and I agree with Rudicus. It's the same gang.

I'm looking forward to the day that the only person who can tell me what I can or cannot do with my own body is ME. I look at the Schiavo incident, and the abortion wars as two sides of the same coin. Why are other people so bloody interested in MY body, and yet they don't get at all excited about the MILLIONS of kids starving across the world.


And Rudicus! I kept meaning to add you back to my links and kept forgetting and forgetting. I had missed you!

I despise these people. I truly do.

The ones that REALLY infuriate me are the nutbags that claim they've got the God-given right to bomb abortion clinics.

When someone confronts them with the fact that they themselves are committing murder they claim that they're doing "God's will".

Um, so I'm to believe that the inventor of existence has asked YOU -- a guy who probably works part-time at a convenience store -- to do him personal favors?? Frickin SPARE me.

OK, Nicole, this part totally cracked me up,
Um, so I'm to believe that the inventor of existence has asked YOU -- a guy who probably works part-time at a convenience store -- to do him personal favors?? Frickin SPARE me.

I had this sudden image of the comic store guy from the simpsons with a pipe bomb... :P

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