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I don't know what it is, but it's GREAT for my ass...

So I go to the doctor yesterday, something that usually fills me with a mixture of annoyance and dread. It doesn't help that my doctor kinda looks like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and he has the bedside manner of a corpse. He's competent, but he's also just kinda....creepy, and getting stuff out of the guy is like pulling teeth.

So I'm wondering how to tactfully explain the raving bouts of the runs without making us both ill, when I step on the scale.

Funny, it's about 13-15 pounds less than when I was weighed before my tubal at the end of June.

I get off the scale and back on. Same thing.

Now, I'm not going to disclose my weight, but let's just say I'm about double what I was 10 years ago. And crap, even then, I was still chubby. Thankfully, the weight distributes itself evenly. I've gained at least 50 pounds from one pregnancy to the next, and quitting smoking, while good for lungs, tends to be bad for butts.

So not being able to eat anything while ill, and being terrified to eat anything greasy or bad (and therefore tasty) has seemingly helped my weight loss to start. I've also been eating better and LESS in general, since my problem is portion control and crap food. Ok, making cookies with Vivian doesn't help either.

But what a gift, to step on a scale and see weight gone with nary an effort.

Of course, this may mean I need my gall bladder removed, but if I can one day wear pants from the normal woman's section again, it's ALL worth it.

Every cloud has a silver lining! Are you any closer to finding out what is going on? If it is your gall-bladder the key-hole operation is easy peasy! I was home the next day.

Please Don't say Normal women's section! Girl! We are normal at any size...
Well except for the trots!LOL!

I just mean normal in terms of Pricing-ever shopped at Additonelle? Holy freaking markups...

I hope it's the gall bladder-that's a simple solution.

LOL! So....did he say what the problem was?

Oh, and I TOTALLY hear where you are coming from. As a seasoned Penningtons shopper, I was thrilled to discover that I could probaly go to a "non-fat lady" shop and shop there.


Wow, that weight LOSS thing hasn't happened for me in eons. I'm so jealous.

But I'm sure by now you almost don't even WANNA know what the real problem is, right? ;)

Well, he's testing the bile in my liver, which I assume checks the gall bladder...he didn't give me the "you're crazy" look that I usually get, which is good..

and I'm sure the loss will be buffeted by the giant bag of Ringlos I ate today...

Oy. Demand an US to check for stones eh. The last thing you want it pancreatitis (sp) layin ya out before they yank it.

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